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Facebook has redefined how we communicate on the Internet. One of the largest sites in the world, it has everyone sharing and voyeuring and stalking, not to mention slapping a thumbs up on everything from their neighborhood pizza joint to US senators-which is why big companies like Coca-Cola and small ones like your local dry cleaner are all jumping on the Facebook bandwagon. And you should be, too.

The reason behind all this Facebook mania is that it allows you to reach thousands with a single post. Plus the “I like” and share features sends your news rippling beyond Facebook to personal websites, newsfeeds and other online communities. The potential for digital word-of-mouth is exponential.

Success on Facebook, though, requires more than a fan page. We have the expertise to build your fan and friend community in order to harness the full power of this social media empire.


YouTube isn’t just for watching kittens and puppies. It’s an effective way to communicate with consumers on the web. There’s also the added SEO bonus. Since Google owns YouTube, having a web video is like stockpiling SEO gold. Let us help you maximize this treasure. We know how to convert YouTube viewers and lead them straight to your site.


We’ll optimize your Facebook Fan Page to sell your products, share your services, import your blog and include many other custom features. Then we’ll trick out your Twitter and YouTube with the same branding as your business. Your social media outlets will be one cohesive medium for communicating with consumers.


We’ll create a tailored and strategic campaign to get you more online fans and friends, plus build a community with measurable metrics. You’ll know exactly how effective all those Facebook posts and Tweets are, and who’s reading them.

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